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Our Social Day 2023

Our Social Day 2023

To fulfill our social responsibility under our „Social Day” program, we held our second Social Day on June 21. As we love painting, this time we gave the garden shed, called the „Hut”, of the nursery school „Die Schelme” in Frankfurt’s north district a new coat of paint. We have also built a movable toilet house for the children.

I did join the company a month ago and really like the idea of „Social Work”. Working a day long to recognize our responsibility towards our society was the aim of this activity. On our second social day, we decided to visit the kindergarten of Ole’s son as my colleagues did visit Simon’s twins kindergarten on first social day last year. We painted the „Hut” that belongs to „Die Schelme”, a nursery school in Frankfurt north. We have also prepared a movable toilet for the children and implemented our logical thinking and quality standards to make the toilet as pretty as possible with minimum resources.

Irina is busy taking photos
Irina is taking nice photos
We are cleaning up
The cleaning process started

It was a nice sunny day on June 21. We came to the garden around 9 a.m. and unpacked our equipments. First of all, we decided to do some cleaning so that later we could paint the „Hut” and build the toilet easily and efficiently. Irina, ‘our photographer of the day’, took some nice photos to compare our results at the end of the day. Simon, Ole and myself did clean the walls, windows and door of the „Hut”.

For better performance, Simon assigned duties to each individually. Irina was cutting overgrown plants, bushes and trees and moved them to the residual waste. Ole was painting the roof and windows of the „Hut”. Simon and me were painting the walls and small edges which were quite time consuming.

Simon, Ole and Rana started painting
Simon and Rana are checking paint quality
Ole painting the window
Busy hard-workers

Working in an office and in the garden are totally different experiences. We were feeling hungry and thirsty and called the lunch a bit earlier ;). We ate traditional fried german potatoes with yogurt. Then, we walked to the nearest ice cream shop and enjoyed different flavors of ice cream there.

Usually you apply two layers of paint, but since we only had one day and therefore not enough drying time, one layer had to work. Fortunately, the color covered very well and even black murals were hardly visible afterwards.

Comparison - detail shot before
Comparison - detail shot during work
Work in Progress
Comparison - detail shot later

After lunch, we painted the remaining walls of the „Hut”. However, the main task after lunch was to build a movable toilet for the children. For the side walls, we used the wooden pallets and made them tight with nuts and bolts. We decided to use a lightweight wood board as a toilet door, so it would be easy for the children to open and close and safe as well.

We also painted our custom designed movable toilet to give it a more polished look. It was placed in one of the corners of the garden to give children more privacy while using it. After this activity, we did clean everything we used, arranged the garden things as good as they could be and put all remaining stuff in the store of the garden. Irina took the final photos to compare our performance at the end of the work.

Final look of hut
Final look of movable toilet
The Hut and the toilet look amazing!

We enjoyed the day by doing something different than we usually do. Unfortunately, we did not see the children during our social day as they were in their class rooms. However, I am pretty sure that they will like our work and will have more fun while playing in their new looking garden. We are willing to continue our „Social Day” program and looking forward for a new challenge in 2024.