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Tailored solutions
As an agency, we mainly focus on the long-term support for your Magento project. We offer both support and maintenance for existing Magento shops. Additionally, we offer a variety of services, if you just need a little help with a specific task and cannot work with us on a long-term basis directly.
Logo of Magento Development
Magento Development
Our main work is Magento development. We focus on the support and maintenance of existing Magento shops and are a professional partner for all questions and tasks of our customers. We also build new shops from scratch, if it makes sense. Additionally, we develop custom modules, themes and integrations.
Logo of Hyvä Development
Hyvä Development
Hyvä is, in our opinion, the current best frontend for Magento. We've already implemented Hyvä in several shops and are happy to assist with any Hyvä-related queries. It integrates seamlessly into a standard Magento installation, although all modules active in the frontend require corresponding adjustments. The number of shops using Hyvä is continuously increasing, so module compatibility with Hyvä can significantly influence purchasing decisions. If you've developed a module that you'd like to make compatible with Hyvä, feel free to contact us.
Logo of B2B Shop Development
B2B Shop Development
With our partner ECOPLAN, we offer a comprehensive range of functions for B2B shops. The B2B suite is built as a Magento 2 extension and comes with a wide range of features that are tailored to B2B shops. All in all, it contains more than 400 additional B2B functions, which are essential for a B2B shop in today's world.
Logo of Test Implementation for Modules
Test Implementation for Modules
If you have an existing module, we offer to write unit-, integration- and functional tests for it. Just contact us, send us the code and we will give you a quote for the implementation.
Logo of Technical Code Analysis
Technical Code Analysis
For shop owners or other agencies, we offer a technical analysis of your shop. We will give you a report about the current state of your shop as well as recommendations for improvements. This report includes aspects like code quality, Magento best practices, security and more.
Logo of Performance Analysis
Performance Analysis
You have the feeling, that your Magento shop is too slow, but you don't know why? Then we can help you. We will analyze the code of your shop, find bottlenecks and will also be happy to implement the needed changes. As this task has no final goal or state, it's up to you, how much you would like to improve the performance of your shop. So you can start with a small analysis and then decide, how fast your shop should be.
Logo of Magento Support for Developers
Magento Support for Developers
We started as a one-man show and therefore know how hard it can be sometimes to find a solution for a complex problem on your own. So before you get totally stuck with such an issue, after you already spent hours and hours, just contact us. We will be happy to help you.
Logo of Magento Support for Shop Owners
Magento Support for Shop Owners
We know there are still some shop owners out there, who handle their shops on their own and have no developer or agency on their side. If you are one of them and don't want an agency as your constant companion, we will be happy to help you out with any issue you have with your shop.
Logo of Process Optimization
Process Optimization
Since we work with several shops for years now, we have a lot of experience with all the processes around the shop. We can help you to optimize your processes and make them more efficient. May it be the perfect order state flow, the fastest picking and packing process or the best way to handle returns, just let us know and we will be happy to support you.