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What makes our team so special?
Our size. We are large enough to be knowledgeable about all areas of e-commerce, but small enough for you to remember our names. No complicated structures and red tape: you will always have direct access to the developer who knows the code inside out. And not just for a single project. We see ourselves as your long-term partner and primary point of contact, and want to help you bring your shop to where you want it to be. Consequently, we foster direct communication without any hassle. We pride ourselves on our ability to discuss matters in the simplest of terms, despite the fact that we are all developers.

So, if you've had enough of complicated processes, constantly changing project managers and nameless developers - we're the perfect fit for you. Contact us and get to know the first member of our team straight away.


The faces behind the emails
Simon Sprankel
Founder | Code Quality
Simon holds a Master in Computer Science and has worked with Magento since 2011, making him the most experienced developer of the team. Consequently, he is frequently in charge of code quality. No matter how clean the code is and how much thought has been put into it, Simon is guaranteed to find even the last mistake. He's always available for a chat on anything and will offer his advice to everyone. And he always has time for a challenge: The more complicated and tricky a module or a requirement is, the more interesting it is. Outside the office, he likes to spend his time with his wife and twins at the Frankfurt Zoo, and to play table tennis.
Adobe Certified Professional Adobe Commerce Developer
Adobe Certified Expert Adobe Commerce Developer
Adobe Certified Expert Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer
Adobe Certified Expert Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner
Adobe Certified Master Adobe Commerce Architect
Portrait of Ole Schäfer
Ole Schäfer
Exports | Calculations
Originally with a major in math, Ole hopped into the team after completing his master's. He still stays true to his roots, though: he is the first point of contact for data exports and for the eternal question of why the product has such a weird price. Apart from that, he feels more at home working on the backend and on databases. He spends his leisure time hiking or cycling through the forest with his wife and child, and playing table tennis with Simon - the loser gets to work on the less pleasant tasks. ;)
Adobe Certified Professional Adobe Commerce Developer
Adobe Certified Expert Adobe Commerce Developer
Adobe Certified Expert Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer
Adobe Certified Expert Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner
Irina Smidt
We are especially proud to have one of only a few female Magento developers on our team. In her own words, since she is a woman she does "everything differently" and it is precisely this that is immensely helpful to the team when problem-solving. Her Bachelor in Computer Science had set her well on the way to becoming a developer, but she ultimately chose a different path and ended up working in retail for a couple of years. She has now returned to coding and feels most at home working on the frontend, experimenting with new approaches and ideas. In her free time, you will find Irina together with friends or family, or at dance school, where she spends as much time as she can belly dancing, having previously tried other dance sports.
Adobe Certified Expert Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer
Rana Muhammad Irshad
With his chemical engineering studies, Rana's path into the world of frontend development was not exactly predetermined. However, after several professional experiences, he realized that programming is more of his passion and that he wants to further develop in this field. Rana completed an intensive course in frontend development and is now part of our team to put his knowledge into practice and expand it even further. Due to his experience with various frameworks, Rana often sees parallels to previous tasks and can therefore find a quick and direct solution. When he's not sitting at his desk, he spends a lot of time with his wife and two children.
Iman Aboheydary
Originally from Iran, Iman now moved to Germany, and he already has a lot of experience with several PHP frameworks. As he worked with other E-Commerce systems in the past, he is familiar with most of the general concepts of Magento. His main passion is solving problems and puzzles. If a task is unsolved after a working day, you will find him at home in the middle of the night, presenting the solution. Iman is also a big fan of learning-by-doing rather than theoretical introduction into new topics. So everytime the team presents something new to him, he will directly find a fitting task to test it out on his own. As he already went on several business trips directly in the beginning of his time at CustomGento, everyone was able to get to know him very quickly. Therefore, it's important for the team to ensure, that he doesn't forget anything whenever he goes on a trip. But if he accidentally still forgets anything, we have already experienced that he is able to break every speed record to catch a train nevertheless. ;) In his free time, he likes to play chess and to spend time with his family.
Portrait of Celal Bagci
Celal Bagci
Automations | Latest Technologies
Celal is currently studying computer science and decided to check out the world, where he can actually use the knowledge he's learning at college. He is now working in our team as a working student and is helping out everywhere he can. He is overally refining development processes and is therefore looking for automations, improvements or new approaches for even the tiniest of tasks. Every time there is a task, which takes manual work, he keeps thinking and thinking until he finds an automated way to solve it. Since he learns a lot of new concepts and techniques in university and is also privately quite interested in new technologies, he is always up-to-date and keeps the team informed as well.


How it all began

It all began with Simon, who had already encountered Magento during his studies and maintained online shops as a freelance developer. Today, we still retain many of his former clients. When Ole came along in 2017, CustomGento was born, and we moved into a shared office. Since then, we have been constantly evolving: By now, CustomGento became CustomGento GmbH and we were able to move to a larger office in the heart of Frankfurt, where we feel very comfortable and where there is still room for growth.
Our very diverse team of developers with different backgrounds and competences is just what you need for the best possible answers and solutions to your needs.